May 2020 Natural Awakenings "Healing The Immune System: Autoimmune Breakthroughs Offer New Hope"
May/June 2019 Simply Gluten Free Magazine "share your story" feature The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen
Nov/Dec 2016 Gluten Free and More Magazine review The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook
Oct 2016 Pain-Free Living Magazine feature + recipe The Autoimmune Wellness Handbook
Aug/Sept 2015 Paleo Magazine: Best of 2015 Issue Autoimmune Paleo winner "Best New Blog"
3.4.15 The Nutritional Therapist Winter 2015 Alumni Corner Interview with Dawn Hamilton
Feb/Mar Paleo Magazine: Best of 2014 Issue p. 50 The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook winner "Best New Specialty Cookbook"

Online Media:

10.8.20 Designing with Skylights to Promote Healthy Living guest post on
5.1.2020 The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen Wins Silver 2019 Nautilus Award 
4.30.20 Healing the Immune System: Autoimmune Breakthroughs Offer New Hope in Natural Awakenings
6.15.19 Eating for Healing with Mickey Trescott, NTP, author of The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen on Thyroid Refresh TV
11.15.17 Mickey Trescott NTP, The Future of Healing from Autoimmune Disease, and Groundbreaking Science Supporting the Role of Health Coaches and the Autoimmune Protocol on A Medicinal Mind
10.23.17 Autoimmune Wellness: Diet and Beyond with Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt
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Documentary Appearances: 

Interview in The Thyroid Secret
Interview in Food is Medicine: The Paleo Way
Interview in Food As Medicine: A Documentary About Healing
Interview in I Was Diagnosed

Podcast Appearances:

6.16.2020 Another Right Angle Podcast with Right Angled
12.17.2019 Made Visible Podcast with Harper Spero
9.20.2019 Eat Move Live 52 Podcast: The Nutrient-Dense Podcast with Roland and Galina Denzel
6.12.2019 Book Larder Podcast: Mickey Trescott, The Nutrient-Dense Kitchen
4.4.2019 Live Well Podcast: Nutrient Density for Deep Healing with Christina Tidwell
3.7.2019 The Balanced Bites Podcast: Nutrient Density and Autoimmune Protocols with Diane Sanfilippo
3.2.2019 Mickey Trescott of Autoimmune Wellness with Sarah Ballantyne and Stacy Toth
2.8.2019 The Phoenix Helix Podcast: Easy AIP with Mickey Trescott with Eileen Laird
11.16.2018 The 15-Minute Matrix Episode 51: Mapping Nutrient Density with Mickey Trescott with Andrea Nakayama
03.27.2018 Harder to Kill Radio Episode 96: Autoimmune Wellness with Mickey Trescott with Steph Gaudreau
02.21.2018 Recipes For Life: Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt with Pete Evans
12.22.2017 30/30 Health Podcast Episode 47: An Interview with Mickey Trescott, NTP with Dr. Ruiz
11.15.2017 A Medicinal Mind Podcast Episode 25: The Future of Healing From Autoimmune Disease with Dr. Rob Abbott
11.03.2017 The Balanced Bites Podcast Episode 268: Autoimmune Disease and Wellness with Liz Wolfe and Diane Sanfilippo
10.16.16 Grass Fed Podcast Episode 22: Autoimmune Wellness Tips with Mickey Trescott and Angie Alt with host Caitlin Weeks
3.18.16 That Paleo Show Episode 161: A Whole Body Approach to Autoimmunity with Brett Hill
2.5.16 Dr. Ruscio Radio Podcast Episode 49: The Autoimmune Paleo Diet with Susan McCauley
3.24.15 Gluten Free School Podcast Episode 62: How to Make AIP Doable with Jennifer Fugo
3.24.15 The Autoimmune Adventures Podcast Episode 38: Autoimmune Recovery Action Plan with Julie Stiles
3.10.15 The Live to 110 Podcast Episode 99: How to Heal Autoimmune Disease with Wendy Myers
3.7.15 The Paleocare Podcast Episode 29: Optimizing the Paleo Autoimmune Protocol with Katy Haldiman
1.23.15 The Paleo View Podcast Episode 127: Hashimoto's Disease with Sarah Ballantyne and Stacy Toth
1.16.15 Nourish Balance Thrive: Autoimmune Recovery with Chris Kelly
1.16.15 Strong Body Whole Heart Episode 62: The Challenge of Change with Kelly Covert and Maggie Quinn
1.14.15 Finding Our Hunger Episode 83: Unimmune with Mickey Trescott with Kaila Prins
12.31.14 Not Just Paleo Episode 111: Mickey Trescott on Autoimmune Paleo and Veganism with Evan Brand
12.21.14 Primal Diet Modern Health: Get Cooking and Get Well with The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook with Beverly Myer
11.8.14 Autoimmune Adventures Episode 25: Healing with Real Food with Julie Stiles
10.26.14 Phoenix Helix Podcast Episode 4: Practical Tips For Getting Started with Eileen Laird
9.26.13 That Paleo Show Podcast Episode 31: An Interview with Mickey Trescott with Janah James, Brett Hill, and Stephanie Wasylyk
5.25.13 The Paleo View Podcast Episode 40: Practical Autoimmune Protocol with Sarah Ballantyne and Stacy Toth

Video Appearances:

2.12.20 Afternoon Live with KATU Portland
12.11.19 Afternoon Live with KATU Portland
9.20.19 Afternoon Live with KATU Portland
6.11.19 Afternoon Live with KATU Portland
5.18.19 Guest Expert Interview with Christina Tidwell
6.14.16 The Healing Hashimotos Summit: Healing Hashimoto's with Delicious and Nourishing Food with Hashimoto's Awareness
10.3.15 Autoimmune Webinar with Dr. Terry Wahls with Angie Alt
8.23.15 The Evolution of Medicine Summit: Eating to Avoid Autoimmunity with James Maskell
8.12.15 Autoimmune Webinar with Dr. Sarah Ballantyne with Angie Alt
7.16.15 Autoimmune Webinar with Dr. Titus Chiu with Angie Alt
3.5.15 The Autoimmune Connection: Getting Started on the Autoimmune Protocol with Christina Feindel
2.24.15 Autoimmune Webinar with Amy Myers with Angie Alt
2.20.15 The Autoimmune Connection: Managing Thyroid Disease with Kate Jay
12.22.14 The Autoimmune Connection Episode 8: Let's All Just Hang Out! with Christina Feindel
12.3.14 Autoimmune Webinar with Angie Alt
9.24.14 The Autoimmune Connection Episode 6: Histamine Intolerance with Christina Feindel
5.26.14 The Autoimmune Connection Episode 2: Reintroductions with Christina Feindel
4. 30.14 The Autoimmune Connection Episode 1: Diagnosis with Christina Feindel

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