Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my book?

All pre-orders will be shipped in FEBRUARY 2019. One of the benefits of pre-ordering the book directly from me is that you get your hands on it up to a month before traditional release.

Can I return my book or cancel my order?

Due to the nature of pre-ordering, books are non-returnable and orders can’t be cancelled outside of unusual circumstances. If your book is lost or damaged in shipping, please contact us to get a replacement.

Why should I pre-order?

I’m self-publishing this book, which means I am responsible for all of the costs associated with publishing before the book comes out--like recipe development, photography, editing, graphic design, printing, shipping, and warehousing. Pre-ordering the book directly from me is a way to support the work I do at a point in the process that is financially straining. Thank you!

This is more expensive than Amazon. Why?

Amazon negotiates a low wholesale price in order to pass that aggressive savings on to their customers. By buying directly from me as a pre-order, not only do you get some “perks” to make up for some of that extra cost, but you help support my project financially at the time I need it most. If the extra few bucks is make-or-break for you and you don’t mind waiting until March to get your book, go ahead and order it there!

Why did you self-publish?

I have experience self-publishing my first cookbook and working with a publisher for my second book. While I was offered a publishing contract for this book, it was clear my potential publisher didn’t see my vision and wanted to tweak my concept in order to make it more marketable. I decided to self-publish because as someone who manages with autoimmune disease, the timeline was much more manageable for me, and I would have complete control over creating a book that I believed in.

What do I get when I pre-order?

By pre-ordering the book, not only do you get to feel great about supporting me and my project, but you get a copy of the first printing of the hardcover book, up to a month before traditional release, signed by me. In addition, you get membership to a private insider FB group to chat about AIP cooking and pre-release recipes from the book.